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Claire's Christian Day School is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and therefore all programs must meet the minimum standard guidelines as specified by the state.

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2017-2018 Parent's Day Out

Claire's Christian Day School offers a Mother's Day Out program each weekday from 9:00-3:00 for children aged four months to three years. Age-appropriate curriculum combined with a nurturing, loving environment provide a strong foundation for the child's continuing emotional and academic development. Activities focus on basics such as letters, shapes, and numbers, along with free play and outdoor exercise. A special music teacher visits the young and older 2s classes twice each week. Children will bring lunch, rest, and have tons of fun, benefiting from social interaction with other children. A brief outline of each class is as follows:

Babies (4-12mo) - There are two caregivers to a maximum of eight babies. A typical day in the baby room consists of floor play, going outside in strollers, music time, lunch, nap, and lots of love.

Young Toddlers (13-17mo) - There are two caregivers to a maximum of 10 toddlers. The day is similar to the babies with added finger plays, puppets, age appropriate toys, and music. Some are walking and some are not. Cribs are used in this room for napping.

Older Toddlers (18-24mo) - Two caregivers to a maximum of 11 toddlers are in this room. All are walking and go outside to the smaller playground. Finger foods are preferred. This class does art projects in addition to the activities in the young toddler class. Music and story telling classes are also provided.

Young 2's (24-30mo) - Two caregivers to a maximum of 14 children. Similar to the older toddler room, with emphasis on projects and socialization. Children nap on mats and use the smaller playground.

Older 2's (30-36mo) - Two caregivers to a maximum of 12 children. An added emphasis on projects, creativity and social interaction help ensure the child is prepared for preschool. As in the young 2's classroom, these children nap on mats and visit the smaller playground.

For information on tuition rates and other Parent's Day Out policies, please click here.

2017-2018 Preschool

First and foremost, our Preschool teachers hope that every child has fun and enjoys their learning experience. A child who enjoys preschool will enjoy elementary school.

All CCDS Preschool classes offer the same basic curriculum:

•Sight recognition of letters, numbers, colors and basic shapes

•Reading comprehension through oral reading

•Classroom behavior skills

•Socialization skills

•Developmental motor skill

•Supplemental music, Spanish, and tumbling instruction

The Preschool will be offering these classes for the 2013-2014 school year:

Young 3's - Teacher: Angie Marino - a 2-day (T/TH), 3-day (MWF), or 5-day option - The emphasis will be on the above, especially the socialization skills. This class will be for the child who has never been in a preschool class.

Young 3's - Teacher: Louise Gibbons - a 2-day (T/TH), 3-day (MWF), or 5-day option - The emphasis will be on the above, especially the socialization skills. This class will be for the child who has never been in a preschool class.

Older 3's - Teacher: Kirsten Schorsch - a 2-day (T/TH), 3-day (MWF), or 5-day option - The emphasis is on the above, and especially on on following directions, concrete learning, and socialization.

4's - Teacher: Tiffany Gill- a 2-day (T/TH), 3-day (MWF), or 5-day option - The emphasis is on the above, especially pre-kindergarten skills. (pre-reading, pre-math, fine motor skills, listening skills and working independently skills)

Older 4's & 5's - Teacher: Leslie Janss - a 5-day class - The emphasis is on the above, all pre-kindergarten skills (pre-reading, pre-math, fine motor skills, listening skills, and working independently skills) as well as advanced handwriting, early sight word recognition, early phonics, early addition, counting to 50, and analytical thinking.

Please keep in mind that the age guidelines are just that:
guidelines. Some children are placed in classes that best fit the needs of the child and the parents. Consequently, age groups will overlap.

You are, of course, encouraged to communicate with the teacher any concerns or questions you might have. There will be a formal conference in January to discuss your child's progress and placement for the following year.

For information on tuition rates and additional preschool policies, please click

After School Programs for the Fall / Spring

Stay & Play - 12 to 3, Monday through Friday - open to all students

Children will eat lunch, have a rest period, play in the room, and play outside.

Enrichment with Mrs. Janss: Cross-Curricular Connections
- 12 to 3 Mondays through Thursdays (you may elect any or all days depending on availability)

This class is open to Kindergarten bound children from Mrs. Gill's and Mrs. Janss' class.

The Big 3 Goals of Enrichment:
          1. To expand on the morning curriculum by applying those concepts to other                     subjects.
          2. To build the student's stamina and attention span to be Kindergarten ready
          3. To build the student's self-confidence and interest in learning

Curriculum: The student will take their newly acquired skills from their morning class and apply them to fun and exciting subjects such as Science, Social Studies, Math, Reading, Art, Music, Drama and Technology. Every day will have different activities, but will also be part of a larger unit of study. Units of study change about every month. Projects run from Monday to Monday, bot Monday to Tuesday. This insures that the student's experience is organized and consistent. Click here for a flyer on the enrichment program at CCDS.

Summer 2017

All Summer classes will run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9-3. You may elect 1,2, or all 3 days. All classes will run from June 6th - August 10th (closed the week of July 4th).

Summer Mother's Day Out will be offered for children ages four months through 3 1/2 years. A typical day includes indoor and outdoor play, age-appropriate projects, lunch time, and rest time. Children will have lots of fun while learning to socialize and get along with one another. Please click here for more information and tuition fees.

Enrichment classes are offered for children aged 3.5-6yrs. Please read below for more information.

For 3s, "Oh, the Places We Go!" will be filled with virtual travel, learning, and lots of fun. Pre-reading and pre-math skills will be incorporated while we explore some favorite Summer time destinations and activities. Click here for the class flier.

For 4s, our popular "Under the Sea" enrichment class returns. Children will learn all about sea life while incorporating academics and fun projects. Click here for the class flier.

For 5s and 6s, "One World, Many Adventures" debuts, bringing exploration and learning together for a fun, action packed day. Reading, math, and science will be at the forefront of this new Leslie Janss creation. Click here for the class flyer.

Click here for the Summer 2017 tuition price list.

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